Our Service Charges
Please note these prices are based on average sizes and assumes that the animals are cooperative and well brushed. Particularly matted or aggressive animlas will incur higher charges.
Mini Dogs £33
Yorkshire Terriers, Australian Terriers, Silky Terriers, Maltese Terriers
Small Dogs £35
scottie, westie, cairn, lhasa, Shih Tzu.
Medium Dogs £40
Cocker Spaniel, Mini Schnauzer, Bichon min poodle and Springer Spaniel
Large Dogs £45
Airdale, Bearded Collie, Briard, Giant Schnauzer, Long Haired German Shepherd Dog,
Giant Dogs £60
Newfoundland, Pyrenean, Leonberger, Bernese, Old English
Poodle Cross Breeds £-various

Short Hair Dogs £20
Dalmations, Labrador (includes nails and ear cleaning)

Handstripping £45

Border Terrier, Cairn etc
Teeth cleaning £7
Prevent expensive vet bills by getting your dogs teeth cleaned when they are groomed.
Nails £5
A nail trim is included in a full groom, but if you notice they are long inbetween grooms, you can pop them down any time and we will trim them for just £5
Ears (Plucked and Cleaned) £5
Ear clean and pluck is included in the full groom but is only £5 on its own.
Anal Glands £8
If you notice your dog scooting his bottom along the floor, it could mean they need their anal glands doing. We charge £8 for this service.
Face Trim £7

This is included in the full groom, but if you are looking for just a quick tidy of your dogs face this can be done for only £7. 




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